Grillo Powered Scythe Mowers

The Grillo Powered Scythes are adaptable and powerful cutting machines with precision cutter bars and are able to work in numerous applications.

They will soon tame the most heavily overgrown areas of dense vegetation and are used in paddocks,woodlands,meadows,orchards and are most useful in a conservation area where the action of a rotary mower may cause damage to insect life.

The Grillo Powered Scythe will demolish growth up to one inch and come into their own in tall grass,bracken,reedbeds,thistles or nettles etc.

Grillo GF1 Powered Scythe Mower


£1,579.00 (Inc. VAT)
Including Delivery Within 14 Days

Our entry level power sycthe the Grillo GF1 is a professional machine, strong & perfectly balanced. Its low centre of gravity makes it safe and... More 

Grillo GF2 Powered Scythe Mower


£2,756.00 (Inc. VAT)
Including Delivery Within 14 Days

This is a commercial quality sickle bar mower powered by the reknown Honda 163cc GX 160 petrol engine. Its 117cm cutter bar is of the double... More 

Grillo GF3 Powered Scythe Mower


£3,593.00 (Inc. VAT)
Including Delivery Within 14 Days

 The Grillo GF3 is a powerful, professional  mower with a 117cm double reciprocating, low vibration cutter head for safe... More