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Grillo Rotavators/ Walking Tractors

The Grillo walking or two wheel tractor as it is sometimes referred to, is a machine for use in gardens or smallholdings. With just one power unit it can be used in conjunction with various other attachments, therefore extending its capabilities .Grillo walking tractors are extremley strong and robust machines suitable for contractors and domestic users alike.They all feature a gear drive eliminating belt slippage and so transmit full power to the chosen attachments. Our clutch system has been tried and tested over many years of production and is extemely reliable and safe.

All controls are easy to use and the machines are fitted with a fail safe dead mans handle which stops the attachment from working as soon as it is released but still allowing the engine to run. The tiller heads use specially treated replaceable tines for longevity and again the tiller head is gear driven.

Grillo walking tractors are reknown for their quality and innovation and if you are looking for a strong and capable machine trust Grillo.


Grillo G 108 Walking Tractor Inc 58cm Tiller Head

CODE: 80051H

£3,381.00   £2,999.00
Including Delivery Within 14 Days

The Grillo G108 is our latest addition to the range. It is an extremely strong and robust machine intended for hard commercial work. Power... More 

Grillo G110 Walking Tractor Inc 68cm Tiller Head

CODE: 8005AP

Including Delivery Within 14 Days

The Grillo G110 is the most powerful petrol driven machine in our range and can be used with no less than 28 different accessories including... More 

Grillo G52 Walking Tractor Inc 50cm Tiller Head :


£1,926.00 (Inc. VAT)
Including Delivery Within 14 Days

Click on the link below to see the machine working 

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Grillo G55 Walking Tractor Inc 58cm Tiller Head :


£2,236.00 (Inc. VAT)
Including Delivery Within 14 Days

Our smallest commercial walking tractor which will accept a variety of useful attachments. The G55 is a simple to operate, well balanced machine with... More 

Grillo G84 Walking Tractor inc 60cm Tiller Head


£2,604.00 (Inc. VAT)
Including Delivery Within 14 Days

The Grillo G84 is a powerful,strong and robust machine with simple,uncomplicated controls and a professional type clutch.  It is the favourite... More 

Grillo G85D Walking Tractor Inc 60cm Tiller Head :


£3,210.00 (Inc. VAT)
Including Delivery Within 14 Days

To see the machine working click on the link below

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